12/18/2015 – Add. new mesh file and tutorial to change the crooked terrain mesh for those who want it. Please read with attention the instructions inside tutorial, before install the new dsf file.

This is a new scenery package as real as the real one. This version is for X-Plane 10. Tested in X-Plane 10.51 in Windows 64 bit.

You need:

CDB-Library v.2.4 upload on december,14th 2016. 

MisterX Library 1.1

3D people library

Flags of the world



If you do not already have the libraries used in this package, you may find download links in the Master Library List:  http://forums.x-plan…showtopic=90776


Important Note:

You must to have CDB-Library v 2.1 upload on 12/17/2015 for this to work well and good!

Important information:

Before you download and install this scenery package, open Xplane 10 and choose NSFQ -Fitiuta Airport . But you must check off “runways follow terrain” on Settings/Rendering Options.

Take a look how is wrong and not flat the terrain. Then now, install this scenery package and repeat step by step the instructions. WOW!

Correct and fix the terrain mesh, was made possible only using an AMAZIND and SMART program as free, or better to say “donationware” created and offer by JOSENILDO NASCIMENTO aka JOZ, and host on its web page http://www.hangarxplane.com.br/  under link/ MeshRemexe09b91 – for both Windows and Python platform.

The program is available in 5 languages, including English and Russian.

At this time the tutorial is in Portuguese language, (on YouTube) but it will be translating into English, very soon. Stay tune!

Really a big thank you to that guy, very supportive, kind and very polite!

Obrigada de coração a você, Josenildo!



Some info:



Unzip file and place the scenery folder into local/Xplane/Custom Scenery folder.

Ortho imagery:

Orthophoto imagery, courtesy USGS, (public domain).

Does not matter if runway follow terrain is off or not. Small differences… I prefer using ” runways follow terrain contour” ON !

Have fun.

Cami De Bellis


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Thank you very much!
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